Monday, 28 January 2013

WhatsApp on PC

WhatsApp: this on PC?

What's up? So we're having WhatsApp for PC’s? Definitely NO! Even from the functionality of WhatsApp, you cannot get the logic of how that can be. But haven't you had it said, "all things are possible!"

I'll go ahead and show you what I call the easiest guide to running WhatsApp on your PC. There have been many ways devised for making it possible to run WhatsApp on PC but I'll stick to only one way of doing it here.

We’ll use the Blue Stacks App Player

BlueStacks doesn’t simulate the android like other applications do, but what it does is; it provides a platform for android apps to run on your PC.

There are basically very few steps to do that.

Download and Install the Blue Stacks App Player on your PC

Here’s the link:

It won’t be a very quick installation as some components have to be downloaded, so make sure you have internet connection before you install.

After the installation process, launch the application and a window like the one below will be displayed:

This are all the apps recommended for you. You can go ahead and install any of those.

If you never installed WhatsApp on your PC then you’ll just have to search for it using the same application. The following window will be displayed for you to search:

 You can search for any app you want to run too!

From your search results, you can the select WhatsApp app for installing. The process will begin by first downloading the application which will take no time unless you’re having a weak internet connection. Then the WhatsApp app will be installed. The same goes for other apps you want to use. Besides, you can use the App Stores to search for other apps.

All the installed apps are viewed in a window like the one below, depends on what you installed,
This are installed apps!

The WhatsApp Account

You’ll need to provide your phone number in setting up your WhatsApp account. This will be used to text you the confirmation number for your account. It’s pretty much easy to set up an account. That’s that! Have fun using WhatsApp!

Warning: If you have a 2GB RAM on your PC, you’ll have to minimise the number of applications running. BlueStacks requires a loftier amount of RAM.

If any questions persist, go ahead and comment.

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