Friday, 11 January 2013


What if you tried accessing a website and saw this:

After working on a college paper that had to cover some reasons why there should be censorship on the internet, I thought it would a great idea to share with you something about Internet Censorship. Before that, I was also spammed and some of those malicious emails where sort of trying to promote the idea of Internet Censorship which was a driving force to produce this work.

Now, Censorship is the control of information and ideas in a society. Therefore, Internet censorship can be well-defined as control or overpowering of reproducing material on the Internet or gaining access to it. Internet censorship has steered up to a very attention-grabbing debate as to whether is essential or not.

Internet censorship proves to be significant as all types of media have some form of censorship and hence the idea of the internet being left out could render it inconsiderate. Apart from that, the circulation of unsolicited email, malware, and phishing schemes are some of the reasons that could set in motion the censorship of the material on the internet. So to thwart such activities it is compulsory for the governments or liable organisations to repress out such web pages that can be unsafe to users. You can think of some other benefits too.

On the other hand, the idea of internet censorship would mean stamping on the rights of individuals. This could deny individuals of their right to freedom and also deter them from their right to press. However, this regulation is not easy to attain as the governments can only censor the material that is from their countries and not regulate the web pages that are produced from other countries. On legal terms, the web owners can sue the administration for blocking their websites.

Finally, as much as internet censorship is vital, it should not hold back individuals from accessing the information that pertains to the matters outside their environments but also freedom should not be used to abuse resources that could be helpful to other people.

I hope we all don't want this:

But we might be the catalysts towards this process, so let's be wary towards our usage of the internet.

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