Monday, 17 March 2014

The Exalt - My Experience

With weeks out on tours and weekends away from home or even worse, away from the local church, one realizes that there’s always a family around – The Exalt

This small group of dedicated gospel singers which I’m proud to be part of has helped me unleash the potential in me. Week days rehearsals, Friday night mellow jam sessions, Saturday performances, Sunday church service worship, you add to the list, all those activities have deposited a lot in me than I thought.

There’s something relaxing about hanging with the right company. You realize that you invest your time and your talent but one thing is for sure, the returns on that investment are immeasurable. From spiritual growth to individual development, just to name a few. This do not come easily, it takes commitment and sacrifice from one.

Worse still, it even extends to spending sleepless nights on very cold weather. Travelling to the worst of the places deep in the maloti of Lesotho even across the borders and back, this has been quite an experience. Sometimes, you even have to quit on the projects you think have a much higher priority than The Exalt, but the temptation of the fellowship you have with the team is indestructible.

‘How wonderful, how beautiful, when brothers and sisters get along!’ To join the Psalmist, it is really wonderful to spend time with the team. Now I can say, “I’m proud to be part of The Exalt.”