Friday, 12 April 2013

Typing Speed – Yes, It Matters!

I have seen a number of people devote a lot of time working on their assignment drafts but fail to produce or need additional time typing their work. This has brought a question to me as to whether does the need of improving typing speed really matter. Surely it does. In the meantime, I have also seen people loss interest in improving their typing speed or working on it.

Some people seem to be blinded to the benefits of typing speed. Typing in a professional way does not only save time but boosts accuracy. One of the prime condition and basic necessity of typing is to type with all the fingers. Don’t tell me you haven’t used only one hand or two to three fingers typing. Typing with all the fingers will make you more comfortable. It’s hard to master that technique but with a little run-through one will get used to it.

It is essential to keep both hands on the keyboard at the right position while typing, the location of the keys on the keyboard gets memorized spontaneously and in no time a person starts typing by not even looking at the keyboard again and again. Taking a few glances still helps though. This does not materialize when an individual uses few fingers in typing.

There are many resources that can be used to improve one’s typing speed. I have personally found the Typing Tutor softwares very helpfully. Just download free versions on the internet. There are also free typing lessons available on the internet. These tools prove handy as they offer guidelines and you can also monitor your own progress. They also offer typing games! 

The last thing to point out is, in your typing everyday make it a habit to use all your fingers and you’ll soon see yourself become an expert in typing. Don’t fall into a trap of using very few fingers.

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