Friday, 26 April 2013

Human Factors and Outsourcing

After completing a term paper at college, I thought I should share a portion from it. As the title says, it is about the effects of human factors on outsourcing.

 To begin with, communication between parties involved in outsourcing plays a vital role as most of the processes towards outsourcing have to be discussed. These include the discussions of the objectives and the tasks allocated to the company taking the outsourced functions. However, differences in interpreting the content can cause a potential error. 

Another human factor closely related to communication is the language barrier. As a company may outsource their functions to companies abroad, language barriers may pose a great problem to the companies. The only question that would be asked is: “How will the language barrier problem be overcome?” In such cases, hiring translators to bridge that gap proves handy.

Due to the growth of the outsourcing market and the increasing workload in outsourcing maintenance, most of the companies rely on temporary employees or un-certified personnel. Most of these temporary workers shift from one company to another in order to meet their peak workload. 

However, those temporary workers have to learn new set of procedures every time when they move to a new organisation; this may potentially cause a problem. Never the less, to minimize this procedure error, companies need to strengthen their internal training programmes.

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