Thursday, 12 September 2013

Just Start!

Have you ever found it a hassle to begin a project, report, blog post, or even anything? You have the idea but the struggle is putting the first few lines down. It almost always happens to all of us. The worst part or maybe the best part is you will have to get started anyway.

Here I provide you with some ways I use to maneuver under such circumstances.

1. Don’t think about it

For many of us, we always think of a perfect start, which is almost impossible to achieve. If you have a subject to work on, or a task to work out, don’t put too much thought on how it will look like at the beginning. What you have is enough to get you started. Thinking too much about it might even bring up opposing ideas which will ultimately hinder you from beginning the task.

 2.  Talk it over

Sharing the idea with friends is also beneficial. Listen carefully to the ideas and the views they have towards what you’re working on. This doesn’t mean you ask them to help you get started, but you only ask for their view and maybe their input. Besides, you can meet experts on the field you’re working on and find their views.

 3.  Find other means

Sometimes going through the material related to the subject you’re working on can help. In the fields like programming, developing an algorithm and working on the code afterwards is one way of getting started. There are numerous ways with which you can find help, but as soon as you do, get started and work to the finish.

Like Nike goes, “Just do it!”

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