Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Let's go for a ride - On our way to Mokhotlong, Lesotho

...this isn't a waterfall!
A few minutes out of the Butha-Buthe town, you come across this beautiful scenery. Call it whatever you may, but it's certainly not a waterfall! During winter, the water falling here freezes! 
Keep driving!
Drive a few kilo-meters, caution-speed kills, so you better be careful!

Oxbow Lodge
Need a rest? The Oxbow Lodge will keep you refreshed as you continue with your journey. You better stop by!

120kmh, I guess!
Step on that accelerator harder, the ain't no pot-holes! Before you think, you will have gone some distance.

Go snow skiing!
To add a little adventure, there's a snow skiing dwelling down the hill. It's a few minutes drive to the resort. Remember, it will surely not be free down there, prepare some cash!

Waving flags...
Glance out the window -not at the rear mirror- you see the Lesotho, South-Africa and some other flags waving, it's a beautiful scenery!

Are we there yet?  A resounding, NO! Be patient, we still got a few more kilos to go.

Road under construction
Sky Restaurant. The highest restaurant in Africa, that's what they say! No cold drinks, it's freezing out there, you'll like their tea though.

Along the way...
It's along the way, experience the fresh air of the Maluti.

Gravel road
You wouldn't want to keep your windows opened! There's some distance you'll be travelling on gravel.

Cross the Mapholaneng river
We're here now, and the journey is almost coming to an end. In fact, we're done! The next location  
is the Mokhotlong town, which is not far from here.


I ventured on this journey as a mission trip, and it's amazing how most of claim to have gone around our countries but actually never enjoyed the spirit of the journey. It's not about the destination, it's about your experience along the way!

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