Friday, 22 March 2013

Entrepreneurship – Google it!

My assertion is that everybody is an entrepreneur whether they realise it or not. This lays in my view of what entrepreneurship is. Now, there are so many definitions and explanations that are assumed on the word entrepreneurship but loosely put, it’s a matter of recognising opportunities and building on them.

Like I already indicated, I believe everybody is an entrepreneur since everybody is eyeing an opportunity of some sort. There are four different kinds of entrepreneurs that I want to focus on, and I want you to classify yourself after going through this. A good friend of mine was the one who helped me make finer distinctions between these entrepreneurs.

Survival Entrepreneurs

"...they merely do it for survival.."

Here we categorise people whose lives are of some sub-standard level. Any income they get is used to buy a meal for the day or meet the needs of the family. Believe me, there are also so many people who make a lot of cash but can still be viewed as survival entrepreneurs because the money they are making always has to pay some bills. No savings can be made from that money. Another good example can be that of the street vendors. For some of them, their survival is upon the little money they make.

 Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

Out of a 100 people, 80 fall under this category- my assumption. Individuals under this category have a very fascinating life. For them, it’s all about being ’up-to-date’. The money they make is for buying fast cars, penthouses, expensive gadgets and yes, fancy clothes. Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing off beam with them purchasing whatever they want but these individuals are more focused on improving their conditions than themselves.

 Growing Entrepreneurs

Now, this is growth!
Many can claim they fall under this category but it’s actually a few who in truth do. Growing entrepreneurs are those individuals who are keen to see things advance and never want to be left out. Some studies show that in the future workers will run their own businesses rather than work for others. These workers will be constantly improving their job skills throughout their careers. And yes, these workers are growing entrepreneurs, seeking to improve themselves, their careers and their businesses.

Revolutionary Entrepreneurs

Much cannot be said about this category. You’ve had of the likes of Bill Gates, the late Steve Jobs, The Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, and …, complete the list with the one you endorse. The ideas that emanate from such individuals are worshipped. This however doesn’t mean that pioneering ideas are always from a certain group of individuals; everybody can reach this platform too.

Now, which kind of an entrepreneur are you?  

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